Up strikes and down strikes are an integral part of sports betting. That’s why you should learn about these aspects, even if you are just starting to play at https://22bet.co.mz/en_mz/live. Let’s discuss what they are and what to do about them.

Up Strikes in Sports Betting

Up strikes occur in all players who play steadily, regardless of their skills and professionalism.

Despite the pleasantness of this action, the up strike can be a serious challenge, especially for beginners. Bettors begin to feel euphoria, their own (imaginary) omnipotence and do stupid things. They start betting on everything, betting too much, and cannot stop when the up strike naturally ends.

Some manuals recommend increasing the percentage of bets on a plus series, but beginners should avoid this tip.

The up strike can end suddenly. Right after the decision to raise the bet, you will grab several negative results in a row and lose more than you could. If you’ve already picked the optimal bet size, then stay on it, no matter what happens. This also applies to down strikes, by the way.

Cons of the Up Strikes

An up strike can end immediately after you decide to increase the bet amount, or it can last for 10 winning bets in a row. That’s why you shouldn’t use aggressive financial betting strategies during this time.

When all bets “go in” for a long period of time, the player begins to rank himself with the best professional bettors. The euphoria of winning bets overwhelms the player, and he may detach himself from his playing strategy and start betting on everything.

After an up strike, there is usually a down strike. No matter how strong the bettor is, he will be haunted by a series of failures from time to time. Down strikes cause strong psychological pressure on the players.

In this case, it’s necessary to reduce the bet size to the minimum values and return the previous bet size only after the down strike.

Common Up Strike Mistakes 

  • Overconfidence. In life, when a person is incredibly lucky and becomes overconfident, it’s called “star disease.” In betting, this style of play is called aggressive. From the constant successes of a person’s head, “dizzy” clouds the mind.

    He thinks that it will always be like this, and he completely loses control over himself and current events. As a result, the player risks taking advantage of high limits too early or starting to bet on events that should have been missed. There can be only one piece of advice: never think that you are invulnerable to bad luck, even in those moments when you are really lucky. Don’t let your guard down and stay in control of yourself.

  • Exceeded expectations. Once in the up strike, a person begins to calculate how much he can earn now. He already imagines how he will spend the money he has not received yet. You probably know this feeling, don’t you? But as soon as you start counting the money that doesn’t belong to you, as soon as you slip into a streak of bad luck.

    Finding himself on a lucky streak, a beginner may think that it will be easy to earn money with bets, not having enough experience and skills. And when he already calculates what he will spend the proceeds on, the downstroke is already waiting for him.

  • Laziness. An up strike that goes on for a long time leads to the fact that the bettor stops analyzing his game and starts reasoning about other things. If you are a simple amateur and bet for fun, you won’t notice how successful you are playing.

    But when it comes to professional players, regularly analyzing and keeping track of your bets is a must. Laziness and connivance have a negative impact on your results. So don’t be lazy to analyze every game, keep yourself under control, even if you are lucky.

Down Strikes in Sports Betting

Accordingly, it’s the opposite of an up strike. The down strike can also happen to any player, regardless of his professionalism and skills. Moreover, it’s as inevitable in the distance as powerful plus periods. 

Periods of down strikes, especially prolonged ones, are hard for a bettor and can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences.

There can be a psychological breakdown, uncertainty in their actions, and large monetary losses due to the desire to win back. If you can no longer control your psyche, the best choice is to give up betting for a while.

Tips for Players Caught Up or Down

The main advice was written on King Solomon’s ring: “This too shall pass.” Never forget it, you can even hang a sign with this inscription near your workplace. Any up strike and any down strike will end sooner or later, and the distance will compensate for everything later.

Don’t lose your head in case of a win-streak, and don’t lose your spirit in case of a prolonged down strike.

Try to act normally. If things are bad, try to take your mind off betting for a while. Revise your working strategies, analyze the actions you took in the last bad period. Develop a new tool that works right now and get back on track. There are no victories without defeats.

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