Carragher warns Liverpool stars about new £50m AXA training centre

Jamie Carragher has warned Jurgen Klopp’s high-flying Liverpool that their plush new £50million training facility will take some getting used to.

Club legend Carragher has been full of praise for Liverpool’s new investment, though feels the history and iconic atmosphere of the former Melwood base will be hard to replicate, at least for the immediate future.

Klopp and his men officially held their first training session at the AXA Centre in Kirkby on Tuesday, and in the coming days Liverpool’s full senior ranks will return from the international break to experience their new domain.

While the expansion into bigger, state-of-the-art amenities was much needed for the reigning Premier League champions, Carragher maintains that an element of history will now have to rebuilt within the club.

‘It won’t be easy to [bring the atmosphere] because there’s so much invested in Melwood in terms of memories and rooms and setups, just the way you went about things,’ the former defender told the Liverpool Echo.

‘It was different. It will take a bit of getting used to and it is like building that history again.

‘It’s like when a team moves to a new stadium, it’s still your stadium, but it’s hard to put it into words, it’s just all about feelings and how you feel.

‘Before you know it, it’ll feel like home of course, and the people who haven’t been at Melwood for that long anyway won’t have as strong an emotional attachment as others,’ Carragher added.

Liverpool had frequented Melwood for over half a century, with the revered Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley crafting the Reds into one of the most formidable clubs in world football.

Inside their new base Liverpool now boast one of the most advanced and cutting edge training establishments in the sport.

The 9,200sqm AXA Training Centre boasts an array of stunning additions, including beach volleyball courts, a Hydroworx pool, an altitude training chamber and a fully stocked gym which is three times bigger than the previous one at Melwood.

Inside the building, Liverpool have built a huge changing room where the players can unwind, placing a large sofa in the middle so they can lounge about before and after training.

With the altitude chamber, players can train in 40 degree heat, 90% humidity and low oxygen levels.

The reigning champions have also paid tribute to Van Dijk by naming a bollard in his name outside the entrance, while a door leading to the senior changing room has also been named in a light-hearted manner after James Milner.

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