Klopp reacts on hearing Ralf Rangnick's move to Man Utd

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26th Nov, 2021 @ 02:05 pm

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has made scary reactions on hearing Ralf Rangnick's move to Man Utd as a big blow for other managers at the English elites League.

Premier League giants, Manchester United reached an agreement for Rangnick's move to Man Utd on a six months interim deal with a two-year consultancy role in wait after the dismissal of their former manager, Ole Gunnar.

And Klopp speaking during a pre-match conference described 63-year-old former Leipzig boss as a big rival in the game.

Here's what he said; 'Yeah, unfortunately a good coach is coming to England so that's how it is, to Manchester United.

'Ralf is obviously a very experienced manager, built two clubs from nowhere to proper threats and proper forces in Germany in Hoffenheim and Leipzig.

'Been to lot of different jobs in football but always first concern actually was being a coach, being a manager and that's what his best skill is.

'United will be organised on the pitch I think we should realise that and obviously not good news for other teams.

'But all the coaches in the world need time to train with our teams and Ralf will quickly realise he has no time to train as they play all the time but other than is a really good man and outstanding coach if it happens will come to England.'

'Very highly regarded obviously but where he was he did incredible jobs. He started early as a very young man at Stuttgart coaching the second team going from there.

'Don't know all the early clubs but he was at Ulm and brought them to the Bundesliga which was insane.

'We faced each other the first time when I was a young coach he was at Hannover so he might have forgotten that.

'They always played our opponent a week later so he called me and asked plenty of questions. I was happy that big Ralf Rangnick was calling me and he got all the information he needed.

'They got promoted, we didn't so he owes me still something so apart from that in a football world in Germany he's very well regarded and rightly so, Klopp added.

Rangnick's move to Man Utd is already a done deal but he's expected to take charge after Sunday's Premier League tie with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

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